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Metatiedon kieli: en
Metatiedon julkaisupäivämäärä: 2013-06-26
Metatiedon viimeisin päivitys: 2016-02-09
Metatiedosta vastuussa oleva osapuoli: Finnish Environment Institute
Organisaation rooli: Yhteystaho
Vastuutahon sähköposti: gistuki.syke[at]
Aineiston tunnistamistiedot
Aineiston nimi: Corine Land Cover 2000
INSPIRE-id: 1002006
Aineiston päivityspäivämäärä: 2008-03-01
Aineiston kieli: fi
Tiivistelmä: CORINE Land Cover 2000 dataset provides information on Finnish land cover and land use on 2000. The data was produced as a part of the European CLC 2000 project. Dataset includes several spatial layers: • CLC raster (resolution of 25x25 m) • CLC vector (minimum mapping unit 25 hectares and minimum width 100 m) • Source raster (resolution of 25x25 m) on the source data used in the interpretation • Age raster (resolution of 25x25 m) on the year of the soure information The dataset has been produced in the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), based on automated interpretation of satellite images and data integration with existing digital map data. The vector dataset was produced from raster data by generalization according to the CORINE 2000 project class definitions. The nomenclature of the vector data has 3 hierarchy levels. The first level classes are: artificial surfaces, agricultural areas, forests and seminatural areas, wetlands and open bogs, water and marshes. Second level has 15 classes and third level 44 sub-classes. The raster dataset has an additional fourth, national class in some of the sub-classes.
Aineiston status: Valmis
Ylläpitotiheys: tarvittaessa
Mittakaava: 100000
Aineistosta vastuussa oleva osapuoli: Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
Aineiston vastuutahon rooli: Omistaja
Aineiston vastuutahon sähköposti: gistuki.syke[at]
Käyttötarkoitus: The vector land cover dataset (25 ha) was produced for the European Environment Agency as a part of the European CORINE-project for harmonized land cover map and statistics in Europe. The more specific raster dataset (25 m x 25 m) was produced for national use to provide information on Finnish land cover and land use. The datasets are can be used in analyses and as background maps. Information on the source material and age of the source element can be used to validate the results of analyses. The source material is generally from year 2000 (+/- 1 year).
Myötävaikuttanut taho: National Land Survey of Finland
Myötävaikuttanut taho: EEA
Myötävaikuttanut taho: MMM
Myötävaikuttanut taho: VRK
Teema: Ympäristö
Koordinaatisto: 3067
Vertausjärjestelmän organisaation tunniste: ETRS-TM35FIN
Teema: Maanpeite
Maantieteellinen kattavuus
Länsi (long): 18.4833
Etelä (lat): 59.2867
Itä (long): 32.4451
Pohjoinen (lat): 70.3743
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Aloituspäivämäärä: 2000-01-01
Historiatiedot: Satellite image interpretation IMAGE2000 satellite image mosaic, which the CLC2000 is based on, consists of LANDSAT 7 ETM satellite images taken during 1999-2000. The selected satellite images were geometrically corrected by Metria Sweden. Radiometric preprocessing included atmospheric correction and topographic correction in Northern Finland. The mosaicking of individual satellite images was carried out in order to get stratumwise and nationwide mosaics for interpretation and visualization purposes. In forests and semi-natural areas as well as in wetlands following land cover variables were estimated from the satellite images: tree height (m), tree crown cover (%), volume of broadleaved trees (m3/ha) and total volume (m3/ha). Additionally in northern Finland ground vegetation type was estimated for non-forested areas. Continuous land cover variables were transformed into discrete CORINE classes by thresholding the variables according to the class descriptions in CORINE nomenclature. SYKE and the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT) developed a production line based on calibration of satellite measurements and automated satellite image interpretation. Metsähallitus and UPM provided field datasets. Finnish Forest Research Institute validated the forest and semi-natural areas using National Forest Inventory Data. Data integration with GIS data Satellite image derived land cover data were combined with existing digital land use and soil information. The principal geographic data sources were SLICES- land use database, soil information from the Topographic Database of Finland produced by the National Land Survey of Finland and the Population Information System produced by Population Register Centre. Detailed class definitions and production methods can be found in annex documents. The resulting national raster database (25m x 25 m) was generalized according to the CORINE 2000 project class definitions.
Saatavuus- ja käyttöehdot: SYKE applies Creative Commons By 4.0 International license for open datasets. Source to be mentioned when publishing/using the data: National datasets(25 m) SYKE (partly MMM, MML, VRK) EU datasets(25 ha) EEA, SYKE
Saantirajoitteet: Lisenssi
Käyttörajoitteet: Lisenssi
Turvaluokittelu: Julkinen
Lupateksti: see Resource Use Limitation.
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Metatietostandardin nimi: ISO 19115 Geographic Information - Metadata
Metatietostandardin versio: DIS

The license for open SYKE's open datasets is Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.

The data described here can be freely used to all purposes, provided that the source of the data is mentioned.

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