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Meta data ID {C9EEBCEC-3236-4313-9C65-D3D81084113C}
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Dataset creators
Contact person
First name Jáchym
Last name Judl
Organisation SYKE
Dataset creators
First name Jyri
Last name Seppälä
Organisation SYKE
Dataset creators
First name Tuomas
Last name Mattila
Organisation SYKE
Dataset creators
First name Jáchym
Last name Judl
Organisation SYKE
Project name PROSUITE: Development and application of a standardized methodology for Prospective Sustainability assessmnet of Technologies
Project funder FP7-ENVIRONMENT
Project identifier Project ID: 227078
Basic information
Dataset title PROSUITE, Final Deliverable W6, D6.3: Case Study: Information technology (Multifunctional mobile devices) – Final sustainability assessment
Theme Ympäristö
Description The "dataset" represents a PROSUITE FP7 project report on sustainability assessment of multifunctional mobile devices (smartphones). Sustainability was evaluated through the five pillar approach of PROSUITE: human health, prosperity, social wellbeing, natural environment and exhaustible resources.
Language (dataset) englanti
Keyword smartphone
Keyword sustainability
Keyword life cycle assessment
Keyword LCA
Keyword mobile
Keyword FP7
Data processing steps
Data processing steps sampling
Description Primary data on the material composition of a smartphone were by the authors.
Data processing steps
Data processing steps processing
Description Secondary data were taken from life cycle inventory databases. The data was processed in the openLCA software tool.
Material time period
Start dat 2010
End date 2030
West Bounding Longitude -180
East Bounding Longitude 180
South Bounding Latitude -90
North Bounding Latitude 90
Web-address (URL),%20D6.3.pdf
Format 3.pdf
Web-address (URL),%20D6.3.pdf
Format 3.pdf

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